New Prints for You

Getting prints made of my watercolors has proven to be a little complicated.. You can’t just slap it on a scanner and make copies.

My girl, Catherine, at Goldsboro Record has been my life saver. She has worked so hard on every print to make sure we get it as close as possible to the original.  I plan on getting my own scanner and photoshop program in the near future but until then Catherine’s been doing the dirty work. I highly highly highly recommend going to GR for all your printing needs. 

I just recently picked up some new prints that will be available on my Etsy shop soon!  



These pictures were taken at the Arts Council of Wayne County.

I’ll be working on some new paintings over the long weekend while sipping my Chardonnay…Have a fun but classy Memorial Day weekend!


Monday Stress Dreams

Being sick is stressful. Having a sick baby is doubley stressful.

No wonder I’ve had my reoccurring stress dream for the second night in a row.

It’s always some variation of driving off an unfinished bridge. 

This painting really captures the moment of the sheer terror I feel, right before waking up.

I think this dream came from driving so close to water and over so many bridges in high school..

Can you tell that’s me hanging out of the Volvo wagon? Hah!

Should I get prints made? 😉

It’s hard to really relax now-a-days.. I found this list on Pinterest (no doubt) that I’ve really enjoyed.

This great list is from

Let’s kick those nightmares to the curb, shall we?

To Grandmother’s House

Today has been a challenging day. All three of us are little sickies and Michael’s had it the worst.  Luckily, I started to feel better this morning.  Good thing too because having TWO sick boys is enough to deal with..

This week I’ve been working on my mom’s retirement gift.  She bought a house back in October and will be moving here to Goldsboro full-time after she retires from teaching.  She bought her house from a friend of mine.  I’ve always loved this house and I’m so glad that my mom will get to enjoy it once she’s free!

I figured I would give it a go and paint her house!

photo 1Once I draw it out onto watercolor paper, I added masking fluid to keep my whites, white.

photo 2I was a little worried about how I would paint the brick and then realized it’s only going to look right if I paint each individual one.  It’s cool though, I think it turned out nicely.

photo 3This isn’t a tutorial but I did just want to give you glimpse into the process of painting in watercolor.  There’s a lot of layering and working from light to dark.

photo 4I applied more masking fluid on the windows to keep them white..

photo 5

Voila! My first attempt at painting a house.

P.S. My mom doesn’t do the internet so she won’t see this, so don’t tell her or I’ll cut you.

Happy Friday!


Lovely Free Things

I’m so behind on this concept but there is a lot of free stuff out there!  Pretty stuff! Artist and graphic designers are sharing their work for free. Like free printables and desktop wallpaper.

Searching through so many lovely images, it’s made me want to gift some of my own work to my new readers.  I’ll be working on some new watercolors to share with you but in the mean time I want to share my favorite finds so far…

These watercolor agate slices are so perfect by Julie Song on Design Love Fest.

I’m always up for a coffee break. By Jamie Bartlett on A Pair of Pears.

This daring little pattern makes me think of ‘ladies of leisure’ relaxing on the beach with one too many glasses of wine… By Danielle Kroll on Design Love Fest.

Lastly, I’ve been so intrigued by this still life technique.  I’ve seen something similar on instagram before and I thought it was the neatest thing, very delicate.. By Julie Lee on The Fox is Black.

Happy Hump Day.



Having talent is one thing.  Selling your talent is another.

I’ve vendored 3 times since I started painting. Is that a word? “Vendored.”  Spell check is saying no. But I say, yes.

After the first couple of times standing around, zoning out, and staring at my phone; I realized that you need to prepare yourself for hours of trying to play “salesman.”

Design House Vendor

My first day at the Design House, I set up in the kitchen due to rain.  I didn’t come prepared that time.  I awkwardly stood there with my hands behind my back, hoping to sell something but also hoping that no one noticed me and my awkwardness.

So, this last time that I vendored, I brought music to play, some salty snacks, and a project to work on.  People ate that up! (My art, not my chips)  I set up my paint and paper and started working on my latest painting of banana leaves.


I was suddenly the “cool” vendor. I played the Down Like Silver Pandora station on my boom speaker.  It’s literally the perfect vibe.  It’s also a little easier to ask people for their money when they actually see you work and it adds a layer of authenticity to your other work, I think.  Also, if you buy from me, perhaps I can afford something a little nicer than a cardboard box to paint on.

I ended up selling several prints and passed out a few business cards.  When I had a moment I toured the Design House.  It was so awesome.  It gave me so many ideas for my own house…but that’s a whole nother blog post.

I leave you with my favorite room from the Design House, “The Sunroom.”

Favorite RoomI’ll have prints of the BL pair soon. Keep an eye on my shop.


The Bauble Bird

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an outlet for my art and also my adventures as a new mommy.  I wanted to start fresh with “The Bauble Bird.”  I came up with the name by making lists,, and self-realization…

“Bauble” means a small showy trinket or decoration.

“Bird,”  because a person very close to me reminded me that I’m all the time decorating my home with birds; whether it be a bird figurine, painting, etc.

The Bauble Bird

^^^^This is “The Bauble Bird.”^^^^

I’ve been wanting to document the process of painting and getting ideas down on paper as well as talk about being a mama to my sweet baby boy, Everett.  I felt like this watercolor painting of a stork could encompass all of that…