Monogram Monday

I’ve been experimenting with different painted monograms, name cards, and single initials.  

  I love how this monogram turned out! It’s going in the formal living room.

  I went a little berserk with the the single initial painting. It’s not my favorite…reminds me of a glorified grade school doodle. But it’s practice. This one, I love! I’m so excited to turn it into stationery for little man. 🙂


Art Alley

I’ve been working part-time at the local Art’s Council and I am amazed everyday at how much is going on there.  There are very few people doing a great deal of work and they pull if off perfectly.  One of the many things going on is the new “Art Alley.” Staff, volunteers, young and old had worked for quite sometime to turn a regular ol’ alley into an artistic hot spot.  

Art Alley Sign

The custom sign was donated to and installed for the arts council.  The sign really makes a difference; the alley is inviting and complete.

Entrance of AlleyIt looks really cool at night too…

IMG_2907The Art Alley is lined with art by local artist and volunteers, artistic quotes, and more important little details that create a good vibe..





Last week we had our monthly First Friday event where we unveiled the Art Alley.  There was a ribbon cutting, a drum line, a belly dancer, a yART sale, and vendors all rallying in the Art Alley. Robert Rigsby, local plein air artist, painted the alley during First Friday which was fascinating to watch.Art Alley2If you’re headed to Center Street Jam tonight then you should swing by the Arts Council.  We are hosting Open Mic Night from 6:30-8:30pm and make sure to take a stroll down Art Alley!

*Photos courtesy of Blaine. 🙂